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Raw 2 the Rescue

Better Living thru Eating Raw


Get Ready for Chili's

Raw to the Rescue Cafe

Coming Soon to Sebring, Tampa and San Diego, CA

We offer a wide range of classes, coaching services and certifications to suit a variety of needs. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call for more information on classes, coaching services, certifications and current promotions.

Personal Raw Food Coaching:                    

$125.00 / Hr

Call (813) 368-1355 to schedule

your session with Chili

Classes that Chili Conducts:

Raw Food


Aroma Therapy

Smoothies and Shakes

De-Hydrated Treats

(More Classes to come)

Certifications Offered:

Raw Food Preparation - Level 1

Raw Food Preparation - Level 2

Raw Food Preparation - Level 3

Aroma Therapy

Doterra Essential Oil Therapy and Usage

David Wolf's SunWarrior Protein Powder

Excalibur De-Hydraters

Excalibur Direct Links:Gardening


Healthily lifestyles page:

Raw Food Page:

Outdoors Page:

Raw & Living Food Helpers Including Nut Milk Bags, Spiral Slicers, Wheatgrass growing kits & more: customer link for 220-240 volt models with special cord end: 

100 Volt JAPAN models: Please note some areas of Japan cannot have a timer unit. These areas that CANNOT have a timer are: Tokyo, Kawasaki, Sapporo, Yokohoma and Sendai, Link to non timer Japan models: