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Raw 2 the Rescue

Better Living thru Eating Raw

Jodi Scott, Phd is among the most knowledgeable in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put her extensive experience to work for you. She has been eating raw foods for almost 5 years and has kept the 126lbs that she lost off for that 5 years. 

Raw Food Personal Coach/ Chef 

Four + years ago I changed my life. 

At 5’4” tall and weighing 230 lbs I was miserable and morbidly obese. I had life threatening allergies to pineapple and cats which would stop my breathing and had to carry an EPI pen from my doctors with me at all times in case I became exposed to either of those allergens. I had hypoglycemia and my blood sugar levels were never stable. Eating oranges or grapefruit caused massive blisters in and on my mouth that took weeks to heal. In a nut shell my system was totally toxic. Working as a Firemedic and trained in medicine along with my Phd. I had more than enough education to know how dangerous and deadly allergies can be, as well as the dangers of the allergy medications that I was taking all the time. I had gone vegetarian and then Vegan, nothing worked to help me lose weight or correct the allergies. I was introduced to a book about Raw and living food, it not only changed, but saved my life. I started that same day on straight Raw and Living Foods and Juices. Five and a half months later I had lost 126 lbs!!! and my blood sugar levels were wonderful and all my allergies were gone. I now eat pineapple daily and live with a fury feline friend. I also can and do drink orange juice and pink grapefruit juice as well as eat the whole fruits with no ill effects. My energy levels are way up and the way I felt when my teenage daughter saw me run for the first time in her life and exclaimed ”Mommy you ran!” was awesome!!! I now have the stamina to do so much more with my family and friends. I need less sleep and have not been sick in over three years.

I have never had to count calories or fat or carbohydrate grams. I just eat Raw and living delicious meals and snacks and love the new healthy me. This changed my life so profoundly that I am now a raw and living food personal coach, chef and educator teaching classes all over the United States as well as well overseeing two Raw Food restaurants in my spare time. I love the entire life change this has been for me, not to just lose weight and keep it off without the troubles and pitfalls of a traditional diet, but the change in my mind body and spirit has been so great that it effects everything I do and everyone I come in contact with. I am so honored to show others the path that truly saved my life.